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March 1st — Please take a few minutes to walk through your house with this fire safety checklist. Keep it handy and check your home regularly.

Smoke Detectors

    -placed near bedrooms
    -on every floor
    -batteries checked every 6 months
    -away from air vents

Electrical Wiring

    -replaced if frayed or cracked
    -not under rugs, over nails or in high traffic areas
    -outlets not overloaded
    -outlets cool to the touch, not hot
    -outlets have cover plates and no exposed wiring

Electrical Space Heaters

    -plugged directly into wall sockets, not extension cords
    -unplugged when not in use
    -at a safe distance from curtains & furniture
    -cannot be easily knocked over
    -never used to dry clothing or other items


    -used only with seasoned wood, never green wood, artificial logs or trash
    -protected by screens
    -chimneys cleaned regularly

Home Escape Plan

    -practiced every six months
    -emergency numbers, whistle and flashlight near telephone
    -outside meeting place identified

If you have any questions or need information, please contact me at the firehouse at 708.547.8684.

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