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Public Education / Community Risk Reduction

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As more individuals within the senior community choose to live at home rather than move to retirement communities, gaining access during a medical emergency can be an issue for first responders, particularly if an individual has medical or mobility difficulties. While help is always just a call away, what happens when you can’t come to the door? Home key boxes allow first responders the ability to remove the entrance key stored inside with the Knox Master Key and let themselves in to provide medical assistance.

Knox HomeboxFAQs

How long can I use a residential Knox-box?

Feel free to hold on to your residential Knox-box as long as needed. Once it’s no longer needed, you can turn it into the fire department anytime

Can I buy my own residential Knox-Box?

Yes, you can purchase your own residential Knox-box. Residential Knox -boxes cost from $165-$195. You can contact Knox-box page for procedures for purchasing or residential Knox-box online.

Who is eligible to obtain a residential box?

  1. Individuals that lives alone and have existing medical or physical conditions that could prevent them from opening a locked door in the event of an emergency.
  2. Individuals suffering from short term medical condition
  3. Individuals recuperating from a hospital stay
  4. Awaiting placement in an assisted living or a skilled nursing facility.

How do I obtain a residential Knox-box?

To obtain a residential Knox-box, please contact the Hillside Fire Department at 708-547-8684. Fill out the proper paperwork, set-up an install date. The time between the request and the install, ensure that you have the proper key to be placed in the Knox-box.