Building Permits & Applications

General Permit Information

The Building Services Department for the Village of Hillside is responsible for issuing permits and assuring compliance with the Village codes. Permits are required for all building alterations, land improvements and new construction upon a residential or commercial property. 

If you have any questions about permitting requirements, contact the Building Services Department at (708) 202-3434.

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The Village of Hillside offers convenient online permitting for residents and businesses, click on the permit types below for additional permit submittal information.

Residential Permits

Additions, alterations, and new construction projects require a permit. Includes small improvements such as decks, fences, patios, pools, sidewalks and stoops require a permit.

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Certificate of Occupancy Requirements & Submittals

A Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the Department of Building Services to certify that residential structures, commercial buildings and the associated use conform to the requirements of the Village of Hillside Building Code. A Certificate of Occupancy is required when there is new construction, substantial alteration, complete remodel, or a rebuild after a structure fire of any space that is habitable. This certificate is typically issued when all inspections are completed and compliant.


Fire Related Permits

Construction permits are required to install or modify fire related systems and equipment such as water sprinklers, kitchen hoods, fire system, etc. Operational permits are required for certain operations or businesses that create an increased level of risk.

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