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Fire Chief Jeffrey A. Pilz


"The Village is served by a full-time around the clock Fire Department that also provides Advanced Life Support. Hillside may utilize the services of other villages or town's Fire Departments when needed, through mutual aid agreements."


Hillside provides protection to its residents and a small portion of unincorporated Cook County from the firehouse located at 523 N. Wolf Rd. The firehouse is home to the Chief, Deputy Chief, Administrative Assistant, three (3) Captains, three (3) Lieutenants, four (4) Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technicians and 13 Firefighter/Paramedics.

The firehouse is equipped with two (2) engines (pumpers), one (1) ladder truck, one advanced life support ambulance, one light-duty squad, and a mobile air unit. The station is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are 3 different shifts that work 24 hours on, 48 hours off.

The Village has an ISO Class of 4. This helps reduce fire insurance rates. The Hillside 911 Center provides emergency dispatch. All 911 calls are taken there and appropriate response is made for either fire or medical related calls.

The Fire Department belongs to the MABAS System. The Mutual Aid Box Alarm System ensures a back-up response if we have large-scale emergencies. Norcom Dispatch handles these types of "extra alarms". Many safety standards in effect require a large response for seemingly small fires. This helps the citizens and also protects the firefighters.

Our MABAS Division is 20. We are part of a group of 18 fire departments who share resources for emergencies that would be impossible for Hillside alone to be equipped for. Some of these teams are as follows; Fire Investigation Unit, Hazardous Materials Team, Photo Unit, Confined Space Rescue, High Angle Rescue, Safety & Training Officers, and Water and Dive Recovery.

Our ambulance is backed up by neighboring departments when ours is on other calls. We can call almost an unlimited number of ambulances to our community if the need arises. Most all fire departments are providing Advanced Life Support (ALS). A few of our neighbors do not, however, they can be utilized for incidents not requiring ALS. Our department is providing full ALS capabilities by equipping one (1) of our engines with the necessary medical supplies. This enables us to be fully ALS when our ambulance is busy on another call. Any other available ambulance from a surrounding town is utilized for transport. This enhances service to the residents.

Our department provides many other services - Fire Prevention, Public Education, Home Safety Inspection, Blood Pressure Testing, CPR Classes, and Speakers if requested for many special topics.


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Fire Department

Fire Chief: Jeffrey A. Pilz
Fire: (708) 547-8684

Fire House

523 N. Wolf Road
Hillside, Illinois 60162

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