Free Snow Plowing

Enrollment forms will be available at the Village Hall starting October 1st and must be returned by October 31st.  Each year a new enrollment form must be filled out.  If you are new to the program, you must include proof of age by including a copy of your driver’s license, state I.D., birth certificate, etc. with your application.

The following requirements must be met to be eligible for the plowing:

  • A person must be 65 years or older, retired and live in a single residence home.
  • No able-bodied or employed persons under 65 can reside in the household.
  • Minimum of 3″ of snow must fall and all Village streets and alleys must be cleared before any senior plowing will be done.

Additional information will be provided at the Village Hall with the enrollment forms or by calling the Public Works Department at 708-202-3434.