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Summer Nights in Hillside Concerts

Tuesday Nights - Starting July 18th, 2023

Food & drink available for purchase. Bring your cooler, chairs & blankets. No pets, bottles, or skateboards.

For more information call 708-202-4343.

Sam Savage




Sam Savage - 5:30 July 18th

From Jamaica to Florida to Las Vegas to Hollywood to Japan and beyond, Sam Savage has earned the nickname Mr. Entertainment. 

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The Buckinghams 




The Buckinghams 7:30 - July 18th 

The Buckinghams are on of Chicago's most famous brands who had several Billboard top 10 hits, including their #1 hit, Kind if a Drag...always a great concert! 

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Mariachi Show Sol De Oro




Mariachi Show Sol De Oro - 5:30 July 25th 

With their signature sombreros and charro outfits, Sol De Oro delivers a performance that is both visually stunning and musically impressive. They specialize in traditional Mariachi music, featuring classic instruments such as trumpets, violins, and guitars, and their arrangements are infused with lively rhythms and infectious energy that will have you tapping your feet and swaying along to the beat.

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L.A. Sound Machine 



L.A. Sound Machine 7:30 July 25th

The L.A. Sound Machine recreates the fun and energy of the Gloria Estefan concert experience that is guaranteed to have you dancing!

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AI Spears and the Hurricane Project 





Al Spears and the Hurricane Project 5:30 August 1st

AI Spears and the Hurricane Project are blues artists who will blow you away as they take you on a journey from Howlin' Wolf to Muddy Waters to Bessie Smith. 

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The Voices 

Band Members of The Voices

The Voices - 7:30 August 1st

The Voices, a national touring group, perform a Motown tribute that offers an unforgettable experience as thy capture the essence that defined that great era.


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Band Members - Serendipity

Serendipity - 5:30 August 8th 

Serendipity is one of the area's top pop/rock band who play a combination of popular 60's, 70's and 80's covers as well as current pop hits. 


Visit Serendipity's Website 


7th Heaven 

7th Heaven Band Members

7th Heaven - 7:30 August 8th 

7th Heaven is a Hillside favorite who are known throughout the Midwest as the band who has audiences cheering as they play 30 rock classics in 30 minutes. 


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How Rude! 

How Rude! Band Members


How Rude! - 5:30 August 15th 

How Rude! Brings you all of the best hits from the 90's...from grunge to pop, they cover it all! So, throw on your rad overalls and come party with How Rude!


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Creedence Revived 

Creedence Revived Band Members

Creedence Revived - 7:30 August 15th 

Creedence Revived are stunning audiences from coast to coast with their incredible re-creation of the music of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artists Creedence Clearwater. 


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Simply Sound

simply sound band members

Simply Sound - 5:30 August 22nd

Started as a duo in 2013, Simply Sound has grown into a family of talented artists covering the popular songs from the 80's through today. 


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Shawn Klush

Shawn Klush


Shawn Klush - 7:30 August 22nd

Shawn Klush was named the 'First Ever' "Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist" by Elvis Presley Enterprises. He has appeared in several TV shows portraying the King of Rock and Roll. 


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