Storm Water Management Program

The Village of Hillside has revised this Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) as required to be covered under the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s (Agency) General NPDES Permit No. ILR40 (attached as Exhibit A). This revised SWMP sets forth policies, procedures, and measurable goals for each of the six minimum control measures required by the permit, referred to as Best Management Practices (BMPs), that must be implemented by the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) to prevent and control pollutants in storm water runoff.

In an effort to increase public awareness plus increase the effectiveness of the Village’s SWMP, the Village created a Storm Water Advisory Panel which includes Village employees and consultants. The primary objective of this panel is to monitor and advise on methods to increase the SWMP objectives, BMPs, and further educate employees, residents, business owners, and the public.

Storm Water Management Program Information

Link: View Full Storm Water Management Plan
Link: 2019-2020 Annual Report
Link: 2020-2021 Annual Report