Seasonal Services

Branch Pickup

The Village will pickup branches, freshly cut and up to 2 1.2″ in diameter, on a schedule starting in early March until the end of September, weather permitting. Branches will be picked up and run through the Village chipper truck on a regular basis. See the Hillside Happenings each month for pick-up dates. Removal of an entire tree by a resident/ contractor will not be handled by the Village.

Branch Pickup Dates 2021

March 1 – March 5
April 5 – April 9
May 3 – May 7
June 7 – June 11

July 6 – July 9
Aug 2 – Aug 6
Sept 7 – Sept 10
Oct 4 – Oct 8

Yard Waste Program

Grass clippings, brush, leaves, and other yard waste will be picked up from the beginning of April through the end of November each year. Yard Waste will be disposed of in a wheeled teal green cart.  Residents may dispose of all yard waste items free of charge. The wheeled cart may be used for any yard waste materials such as grass clippings, leaves, plant materials and by-products, weeds, small branches, corn stalks, vines and the like. Residents may continue to utilize additional garbage cans (32 gallons or less) clearly marked “YARD WASTE”or biodegradable Kraft paper bags if they chose not to receive a wheeled cart or if their yard waste quantity exceeds the cart capacity.

Leaf Collection

The Village will no longer be providing curb side leaf removal during the fall. The new program will still afford residents the opportunity to dispose of leaves at no cost. Under the new program, the new refuse contractor (Waste Management) will be responsible for the removal and disposal of this material. Residents will be allowed to dispose of leaves in the 95 gallon Wheeled Yard Waste Cart. Additional home owner garbage cans clearly marked“YARD WASTE”(32 gallons or less) or biodegradable Kraft paper bags can be utilized if the quantity of your yard waste exceeds the capacity of the cart supplied.

Snow Removal

Parking is not permitted on any public street or alley within the Village when snow accumulation reaches three inches (3”) or more, and until snow removal operations are completed.

PLEASE DO NOT SHOVEL OR BLOW SNOW INTO OR ACROSS ANY PUBLIC STREET OR SIDEWALK (CODE OF ORDINANCE’S SEC. 74-9). Icy patches and frozen blocks or ice form creating hazardous conditions for pedestrians and vehicles. Remember, keep the snow on your own property and parkway.