Police Department History

January 19, 1906 the Hillside Police Department took shape. Until 1948 this department consisted of only one man. Very briefly, the mission of the Hillside Police Department is the maintenance of social order within carefully prescribed ethical and constitutional restrictions. This mission includes prevention of crime, repression of crime, apprehension of offenders, recovery of property, regulation of non-criminal conduct (e.g., traffic enforcement and the like), and miscellaneous services. This is a big mission, which is carried out well by the men and women of the Department, especially when one considers the problems and dangers in a community that has a large shopping center, major high school, and a large volume of traffic passing through it every day.

To meet the challenges of the job, sworn personnel are carefully selected on the basis of merit by the Fire and Police Commission, while other personnel are hired on a merit basis by the Village Administrator. Modern police training is given these employees and they are encouraged to upgrade their skills via college courses in police science.

In 1977, Hillside and neighboring police departments installed a new, instantaneous and interference free UHF radio system. This system provides each officer with portable radio communication in and out of his patrol vehicle. A teletype system in Springfield, links Hillside with the National Crime Information Center. Information on stolen autos and property as well as wanted persons is just a small portion of help this system gives the. Hillside Police Department. We are proud that our community’s size lets the personnel of the Department be known to the individual citizen as they patrol the various neighborhoods of Hillside. When you can, say hello and get to know your police officers either on the street or in the Police Department offices at the Village Hall.

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