Solar Energy

The Village of Hillside is currently participating in the SolSmart program funded by the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative, which helps local governments reduce barriers to solar energy growth and makes it easier for homes and businesses to go solar.

Village of Hillside Solar Policy Statement

The Village of Hillside is committing to earn SolSmart designation and will work to improve solar market conditions, making it faster, easier, and more affordable for our residents and businesses to install solar energy systems. We will dedicate staff and efforts to work with the SolSmart team and the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus (MMC) to achieve Sol Smart designation by July 2019.

As a signatory to MMC’s Greenest Region Compact (GRC), we formally support the following solar goals and will to work to achieve them both in our own communities and collaboration throughout the region.  These high-level goals are:

Energy Goals

  • Advance renewable energy
  • Enact policies that support clean energy
  • Engage the community in clean energy practices

The GRC Framework, a companion tool to the Greenest Region Compact pledge, aligns with SolSmart program guidelines. We will focus on the following objectives and strategies common to both the GRC Framework with SolSmart objectives. 

With the help of SolSmart and MMC, we will review zoning requirements and act to remove barriers to solar development.  We will also create and distribute a checklist detailing the steps of our permitting process for solar development) consistent with GRC Framework objectives* E13; E13a; E25)

In collaboration with MMC, we also will participate in staff training for inspectors, planners and first-responders. We will also educate the community about solar energy (*E33) through our website, newspaper and community events.

*reference number from GRC2 Framework.   

In order to measure progress along the way, we will track key metrics related to solar energy deployment, such as the number and location of solar installations and their capacity. 

We are anxious to begin on the path towards SolSmart designation and look forward to working with the SolSmart team and the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus.

Required Submittals for Plan Review, Permitting, & Application Checklist

  1. Copy of Plat of Survey for applicant property
  2. Applicable Building Permit, Electrical Permit and/or Plumbing Permit application forms
  3. Contractor Requirements inclusive of, Electrical Contractor License, State of Illinois Plumbing License (if applicable), certificate of insurance, $ 10,000 license and permit bond with required hold harmless clause and $ 55.00 contractor license fee
  4. Elevation drawings depicting location and layout of solar panels
  5. Structural and load calculations signed and sealed by Structural Engineer or Architect that certifies that the roof is structurally sound and will bear weight of the SES
  6. Electrical diagram showing: PV Array configuration, wiring system, overcurrent protection, inverter disconnect, grounding, required safety signs and AC connection
  7. Construction plans inclusive of SES mounting and anchoring system, panel layout, electrical diagram and plumbing diagram (if applicable)
  8. Specification sheets and installation manuals for all major SES components including: PV modules, inverters, combiner box, disconnect and mounting system
  9. Utility provider notification must be provided at time of permit submittal. The notification shall include evidence that the utility company has been notified of the customers intent to install a solar energy system

Consumer Protection and Resources

Resources for residents and businesses interested in installing solar

Solar Potential

Find out solar potential for our community

Find an Installer

Verify that you are using a certified, trusted installer

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