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Animals and Pets – Residents may keep up to two dogs and/or two cats per house or apartment unit. Animals may not run at large, but must be held securely on a leash. Dogs and cats must display a license tag on a collar, which can be obtained for free at the Village Hall. Pets are not allowed in the Hillside Commons.

Block Parties – Written request must be submitted to the Village Clerk at least 30 days before the scheduled event.

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Garage Sales & Signs – Each dwelling unit is limited to two sales per calendar year. Hours of the sale are limited to 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. for no more than three consecutive days. Permits are free of charge. Obtain rules & regulations at Village Hall.

Garbage and Trash Collection – Waste Management collects contents of gray carts and sealed trash bags, and one large item from the parkway once weekly. Containers may not be placed on the parkway prior to 4 p.m. on the day before scheduled pickup. Emptied containers must be removed from the parkway before 12 midnight on the pickup day. Special arrangements must be made for construction debris. Contact Waste Management 800-796-9696.

Home Inspections – All residents selling their homes require a home inspection. Applications are obtained through the Village Hall. A $50.00 fee is required for a single family residence and $150.00 fee is required for a multi-family residence. Sewer inspections and final water meter readings are scheduled with our Public Works Department at 202-3434. Electrical and Code inspections are also scheduled with Public Works.

Recycling program – Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, cardboard, glass, aluminum and steel cans, and plastics. Blue recylce carts are supplied by the Village of Hillside. Call 202-3434 for information.

Occupations in the Home – No home occupation may be conducted unless a zoning certificate has been obtained. Please contact the Village at 449-6450 for information.

Satellite Dish Antennas – Dishes in excess of 18 inches in diameter require a “special use” permit

Signs in residential districts – No signs are permitted in the residential districts except those indicating the name or address of the occupants, warning of a vicious dog on the premises, or as outlined below:

Solicitors – Any person desiring to solicit door to door in the Village must apply for and carry a permit from the Village. Please contact the Village Hall for questions and please call the Police Dept. at 449-6133 to report a problem with solicitors.

Swimming Pools – Anyone wishing to construct a swimming pool, in-ground or above ground, with a capacity of 2,500 gallons or more must first obtain a permit from the Village. Any pool more than 24 inches deep must be surrounded by a fence at least five feet in height.

Trees – Contact Public Works at 202-3434 with questions on trimming, removal, or replacing parkway trees.

Vehicle Tags – Effective on January 1, 2003, the Village of Hillside will no longer required village stickers to be affixed to the windshield of your car or truck.