Building Services

The Building Services Department is dedicated to providing professional, courteous assistance during the construction process. Whether constructing a new commercial building, a single family residence, or a remodeling project, our employees are here to assist you.

Most residential building alterations, from new houses and additions to small improvements such as decks, fences, pools, etc. require a permit. Permits are required for the protection of the property owner, neighbors and village.

The home or building owner is responsible for seeing that building, electrical and/or plumbing permits are taken out for projects that require them. Please call the Building Services Department (708) 202-3434 for information.

If you have any questions regarding the permit application, process, inspections or requirements, please contact the Building Service Department at 708-202-3434.

Please review available permits and requirements before building to comply with all Village of Hillside ordinances.

Building Inspector

Art Rubel
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Code Enforcement

Len Belmonte
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Ramiro Leon
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Electrical Inspector

Willie Carter
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Elevator Inspector

Please contact Building Services 708-202-3434

Health Inspector

Please contact Building Services 708-202-3434

Plumbing Inspector

Jack Caruso
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Permits and Applications

Please contact Building Services 708-202-3434

Building Guidelines

Please contact Building Services 708-202-3434