Historical Society

The purpose of the Historical Society is to identify and when appropriate preserve historical sites of the area, to contribute to the documented history of Hillside and to promote an understanding of the history as we know it today.

Membership in the Hillside Historical Society will allow you to participate in fund-raising events at no extra cost and to receive its newsletter with important information. But most importantly, your donation will help the restoration of the Historical Site, with the completion date of 2005.

Additionally, members may want to volunteer their time or talents with the Commission to catalog documents, research information or design the beautiful garden and grounds. Consider joining today!

Historical Society Members

Sharon Tiedt, President
Arthur Rubel, Vice President
Leonard Belmonte, Secretary/Treasurer
Carol Bibly, Advisor

Join the Hillside Historical Society!

Volunteers are always welcome. Currently we have a need for someone interested in sorting postage stamps, and sorting historical documents. Call Carol at 708-202-4311 for more information.

Additionally, the Society is looking for historical pictures/information about Hillside. If you have something, please share with us or allow us to copy for our files. We are also looking for items to be placed in the Historic House, 700 N. Wolf Road. This house was built in 1877 and sits on 1.56 acres of land which will be a repleca of the original wildflowers and gardens.

We have many exciting projects – join us!

Epcke-Glos-Schierhorn Historical Site

The Epcke-Glos-Schierhorn Historical Site is the oldest existing home in Hillside, having been built in 1877. It is the intention of the Society to restore the home and property to its early historical status.