Fire Pension Board

The fire pension board consists of five members.  Of these members, two shall be appointed by the village president, serving a term of three years each; two shall be elected from the active fire fighters of the village, and one shall be elected from the retired firefighters who are participants under the pension fund.  Each member shall serve for three years and elected members shall be selected in the manner provided by law.

The board of trustees of the firefighters’ pension fund shall have control of the management of all funds belonging to or designated by law as part of the firefighters’ pension fund and of the administration of such funds, as provided by statute.

Fire Pension Board Members

Name Team Expiration
James Flynn, President 2018 elected
Paula O’Driscoll, Secretary 2019 elected
John Flood, Treasurer 2021 appointed
Russell F. Wajda 2020 appointed
Dale Mitchell, Retired 2017 elected