Emergency Telephone System (9-1-1) Board

The emergency telephone system board consists of five persons, four of whom shall be representatives of the public safety agencies using the 9-1-1 service and one of whom shall be a resident of the village, all chosen for ability or experience and all appointed by the president and board of trustees of the village.

The terms of the members of the board shall be three years.

The powers and duties of the board shall include the following:

Planning a 9-1-1 system.

Coordinating and supervising the implementation, upgrading or maintenance of the system, including the establishment of equipment specifications and coding systems.

Receiving monies from the surcharge, and from any other source, for deposit into the emergency telephone system fund.

Authorizing all disbursements from the fund.

Hiring, on a temporary basis, any staff necessary for the implementation or upgrade of the system.

Such other powers and duties as may be imposed from time to time by the president and board of trustees.

Emergency Telephone System Board Members

Name Team Expiration
Marvin Watson 2020 appointed
Joe Beckwith 2021 appointed
Jeff Pilz 2020 appointed
Joseph Lukaszek 2019 appointed
Ellis Funshess 2019 appointed