Water and Sewer Billing

  • Water and sewer service charges are billed monthly around the first of each month.
  • The Village charges a water rate of $9.85 per thousand gallons of water consumption.
  • A minimum bill of 1,000 gallons is charged regardless of whether the home or business is occupied or vacant.
  • The Village charges a sewer maintenance charge of $.45 per thousand gallons of water consumption.

Actual/Estimated Reads

Residential homes, multi-family dwelling units and commercial building/business are supplied with a water meter located inside each facility that registers the actual water used by the occupants. This water meter is electronically wired to an outside remote reading device that is meant to capture the water usage from the inside water meter and provide an external means for the village to read and account for water usage for the facility. To avoid discrepancies, users are encouraged to compare readings of the inside water meter to the reading displayed on the outside reading device at least twice per year.

The village manually reads the outside remote reading device for usage a minimum of six times per year and may estimate water use up to six times per year.

If the ‘Bill Type’ is listed as ‘Actual’, this means that the current read on your bill is the Actual Usage Reading taken from your outside remote registering device.  If the ‘Bill Type’ is listed as ‘Estimated’, this means that your Usage Reading has been estimated from all available usage data for the account of record or that the ‘Actual’ read was not available.  If you have received more than two consecutive ‘Estimated’ water billings, please call our Utility Billing Clerk to obtain the reason for the estimation and to determine whether or not a meter repair appointment is necessary.  There is no charge for meter repair appointments.