Water and Sewer Payment Information

Bill Payment Options

Credit Card – Pay FREE with Visa, MasterCard or Discover. The Village of Hillside is pleased to offer this free convenient service.  Available 24 hours a day.  With this new service, you can also access your utility account information, history of billing, penalties, payments and usage data.

Click here to pay your bill now.

Auto-Pay – Pay automatically with our payment service that makes in more convenient for you to pay your monthly water bill to the Village of Hillside.  How does it work?  Your monthly payment is automatically taken from the account you authorize the bank to use, and the money is directly credited to your water account at the Village of Hillside.  You will continue to receive a paper statement for your records.  If you are interested, call our Water Billing Clerk at (708) 202-3462.

Drop Box – A 24 hour drop box is located at the Hillside Village Hall at 425 N. Hillside Avenue in the parking lot at the south-west corner.

Mail – Send your payment via the US Mail using the envelope provided with your water bill.

In Person – Pay in person at Hillside Village Hall, 425 N. Hillside Avenue.


Late Payments

Payments must be received in our office by the due date to avoid a 5% penalty charge.  Failure to receive bill or payment by the due date does not excuse the late charge.  Payments must be received, not postmarked, by the Due Date to avoid the penalty charge.

Contact Information

Call our Water Billing Clerk with questions regarding your usage or bill amount at (708) 202-3462.
Call our Public Works Department with questions regarding water quality or service problems at (708) 202-3434.

Water Deposit

An applicant for water service, limited to an individually metered premises having a water connection diameter of less than 1.5 inches, shall deposit with such application the sum of $35.00. All other applicants for water service to an individually metered premises shall deposit with such application the sum of $100.00. Each such deposit shall be retained by the village to insure full and timely payment of all water service so furnished to or on behalf of the applicant or to the party or parties in possession of the metered premises. All such deposits, less any amounts then owing to the village for such water service to said premises, shall be promptly refunded to the depositor without interest when such water service to the depositor shall have been permanently discontinued, provided a written request for refund shall have been filed with the village clerk.

Water Rate Increase Information

January 1, 2012 the Village of Hillside had to enact a water rate increase due to increases we received from our suppliers. The City of Chicago, (where our water is purchased) instituted a 25% rate increase and the Village of Melrose Park, (who transmits and chlorinates our water) instituted an 8% rate increase in 2012 to transmit the water from the City of Chicago boundary to communities that they supply due to increased operational costs. The Village of Hillside, along with a number of communities, have banned together to form a Regional Water Rate Task Force to investigate recourse’s to these substantial increases. Although these efforts are expected to be a lengthy process, we would urge you to continue to read the Hillside Happenings in order to stay informed as these matters develop.