Senior Citizen Social Services

The Village of Hillside retains a trained professional social worker to help senior citizens solve problems confronting them in their daily lives. The following are some of the social services offered by the Village of Hillside:

Senior Mental Health Evaluation

At a family or spouse’s request, an on-site mental health evaluation is conducted to determine if a senior citizen’s mental process is impaired. Upon determination of a possible problem, our counselor will refer the senior citizen and the family to appropriate healthcare providers. Call 708-202-4349 for more information.

Victim of Crime Assistance Program

Our counselor will help a senior citizen who as been victimized by a criminal action. This program helps a person cope with the mental anguish associated with being a crime victim and assists the victim, if qualified, in recovering some of the financial loss due to the crime. Call 708-202-4349 for more information.

Senior Citizen Referral Service

Our counselor advises residents on available government, social and private sector programs/services for seniors citizens. Call 708-202-4329 for more information.