Free Sanitary Sewer Power Rodding and Free Consultation Services

The Village of Hillside, at no cost to a senior citizen, will power rod a sanitary sewer service line when the Public Works Department has determined the sewer is not operating correctly.

The Public Works Department offers free general consultation on drainage issues, water usage and low water pressure. They will also inspect inside your home for leaks that may be the cause of extraordinarily high water bills. If the inspection detects a problem, the village employee will then refer you to several plumbing contractors with a history of performing similar work in Hillside. Call 708-202-3434 for more information.

The Village of Hillside offers general consultation work at no charge on issues related to hiring a qualified general contractor, Before you remodel, avoid the scam artists, call the Hillside Building Services Department 708-202-3434 for a free in-home appointment.

*All services are performed during normal village business hours.