Winter Snow Removal Reminders

Published on January 1, 2022

Public Works – Snow Removal

Parking is not permitted on any public street within the Village when snow accumulation reaches three inches (3”) or more until snow removal operations are completed. However, plows are out salting even if the snow is less than 3 inches. Please do not park in the street when snow is forecasted. Streets are not cleaned properly when cars are in the way. Do not shovel or blow snow into or across any public street or sidewalk. Icy patches and frozen blocks of ice can form, which are a danger to pedestrians and can cause accidents. Shovel your sidewalk so school children, neighbors and mail carriers can walk safely but please always keep snow on your own property and parkway. When shoveling, please clear snow from around fire hydrants and storm sewers.

Trash Cans – Trash Service

Please do not put garbage cans in the street.  This slows down plowing operations and creates a dangerous situation.

Fire Department

To assist the Fire Department when shoveling, please clear snow from around fire hydrants located on your property.   Please also check on elderly neighbors who may not be able to get around because of the snow.


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