Santa Parade Through Hillside

Published on December 22, 2021

Thursday night, December 23rd at 6:30 p.m., Santa will be escorted from the Village Hall through all the areas of Hillside.  When you hear and see the lights and sirens, come to your door and give Santa a Christmas wave.

Route Info

The following is the route for the 2nd annual holiday parade. We added only a couple extra turns to pass by more homes. The route is geared to not cross major traffic areas causing traffic issues.

Exit PD left (S) , W on Madison,

N/B East End , east on Electric,

South on Irving, East on Warren,

North on Hillside, East on Washington,

N/B Wolf Rd, W/B St Paul

North East End, East Hawthorn

South Irving, East Sunnyside

West Randolph, South Hillside

East Hawthorn cross Wolf

South Morris, West Randolph South Wolf

East Washington, South Buckthorn

East Butterfield

South Forest, West Clayton

North Fenwood, West Idelwild

North Maple, East Jackson West Madison South Maple West Jackson, North Buckthorn,

West Madison, South Clayton, West Jackson, North High Ridge, West Madison, South Iroquois

East Jackson, South Hillside Drive East Harrison, South Orchard South Oak Ridge, West Seno

South Maple, East Edgewater, North Forest, East Seno, South Orchard, East Idelwild,

North Oak Ridge, West Harrison South Wolf , East Cermak,

South Westwood, East Terrace Ln, North High Ridge Parkway, West Cermak,

North Wolf, West Harrison, North Ashbel, East Van Buren, South Howard, East Harrison,

South Irving, East Van Buren, South Hillside, East Harrison, North Wolf

West Jackson, North Laverne, West Adams, South Elm, West Jackson, North Lind, West Adams,

North Hillside past Village Hall. End…….

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