Human Relations Commission

The Human Relations Commission was created in recognition of the village’s strong public policy against discrimination, bigotry and bias, in any form.

The purpose of the commission is to promote and encourage mutual respect, cooperation and understanding between all people who live or desire to live, work, visit or do business in the village, and to promote the lawful preservation of the human rights of all citizens as guaranteed by ordinances, statutes and laws, so as to maintain and foster a positive atmosphere that provides all individuals with an equal opportunity to grow, participate and share to the best of their ability in our economic, educational, political, social and judicial systems.

Human Relations Commission Members

Name Team Expiration
Arturo Nolasco April 2021
Fatima Norwood April 2021
Amilany Jauregui April 2020
Claudell Johnson April 2020
Cynthia Johnson April 2020
Anthony Padgett April 2019