Trash Pick Up

Upcoming Trash Reminders:

Mark your calendars for the week of May 15th through May 19th. On your regular garbage day, the week of May 15th, you will be able to place many of your unwanted items out for pick-up. Details will be in the May issue of the Hillside Happenings, so think Spring and get ready to clean out that basement, crawl space and attic.


The Village of Hillside contracts trash pickup on a weekly schedule for the village.  The schedule for trash pickup is below. Residents are reminded to have their carts and items out for removal the night prior to their scheduled service day.


Refuse Wheeled Cart (Dark Gray):  Residents should place household waste in the cart provided. Additional home owner garbage cans (32 gallons or less) can be utilized at any time under the new program if the quantity of your refuse exceeds the capacity of the cart supplied.


Recycling Wheeled Cart (Municipal Blue):  Residents are encouraged to continue their participation with the recycling program. Recyclable materials shall be defined as newspaper (including inserts), aluminum, tin/steel cans, glass (clear, brown and green bottles, jars), all #1 PETE plastics – soft drink bottles, all #2 HDPE plastics – milk and water jugs, colored laundry bottles, all #3 plastics (PVC), all #4 plastics (LDPE), all #5 plastics (PP), all #7 plastics (other), corrugated cardboard, magazines, chipboard – cereal, shoe, tissue boxes, telephone books, catalogs, brown paper grocery bags, mixed paper – junk mail, stationery, envelopes, aluminum pie tins, aluminum foil, aerosol cans (empty), 6-pack rings, milk cartons and juice boxes.

Electronic Recycling

Large Bulk Items

Residents can dispose of one large item per week. Large items include couches, small Items- tables, televisions and the like. Residents should contact Waste Management (800-796- 9696) one day prior to their service date to notify them that the item is being placed out for removal.


Appliances will be removed by the Waste Management in a separate truck on your regularly scheduled service day at no charge. Appliances include refrigerators, washers & dryers, freezers, air conditioners, stoves, furnaces, dishwashers, water heaters and dehumidifiers. Residents should contact Waste Management (800-796-9696) one day prior to their service date to notify them that the item is being placed out for removal.