Police Department Procedures

The Hillside Police department remains committed in providing our community with the best police services available to date.  Due to the unforeseen circumstances of the COVID-19 Virus, operations as well as the response to certain calls for police will be as follows:

Emergency Calls for Service

Officers will continue to respond to all emergency calls for service. These emergency calls will include, but not be limited to: 

  • Calls Involving Violence/Probability of Violence/Threat of Violence  
  • Crimes in Progress
  • All Domestic Disturbances
  • Traffic Accidents 
  • Burglar/Hold-Up Alarm Calls
  • Suspicious Persons/Vehicle
  • Ambulance Calls Involving Serious Injury/Unconsciousness/Possibility of Death
  • All Other Calls Deemed To Require an Immediate Police Response by the On-Duty Police Supervisor

Non-Emergency Calls For Service

All non-emergency calls for service that require a police report, such as thefts, criminal damage to property, or harassing phone calls, will be handled by the officer contacting the complainant by telephone and taking the report over the phone. The complainant will be required to provide all necessary information to the officer.  The complainant will be provided with a Hillside Police Report Number and any other follow up information at this time.

Please refrain from coming into the police station lobby, unless it is for an emergency. An Officer will be in contact with you to discuss your specific situation. 

All meetings and functions outside the operational needs for police service are hereby suspended until further notice.