Residential Knox “Home box” Program

Published on September 25, 2019

Knox Boxes are a product that allow firefighters and paramedics to enter locked buildings without causing damage to the building’s exterior. The Home Box is a residential version of the commercial one. It holds a key to the residence, allowing paramedics rapid entry to begin emergency care for those residents who need it most. The Hillside Fire Department will loan Home Boxes to residents for their homes.

How to obtain a Home Box:

The Hillside Fire Department has a limited number of Knox Home Boxes available. To obtain one of them, contact the department and we will assist you with setting up a time to fill out an application and any other necessary paperwork.

Once the application has been filled out, the department will determine if the applicant meets the requirements. If approved, the department will contact the applicant and set an appointment to place the key in the Home Box and the Box on the house. For residents who don’t have a need but are still interested in having a Home Box on their home, they are available for purchase through the Knox company.

Contact the Hillside Fire Department for more information or go to for ordering information.

What is a Knox Home Box?

A Knox Home Box is a secure container used for storing keys for building access, or in this case home access. In case of an emergency, the Fire Department can access the box with a master key only they have. The box features a Medco lock and keys. The Medco locking system guards against unauthorized key duplication. Once the resident’s key is placed inside and locked only the Fire Department will have access to the key.

Once a Knox Box has been installed and you change your locks, you need to contact the Fire Department to let them know so the key can be changed in the box.


Having a Knox Home Box on the house:
• Provides rapid access into the home without causing unnecessary damage to doors or windows from forced entry.
• Enhances the Hillside Fire Department’s ability to protect the health and safety of its residents.
• Independent senior citizens and disabled residents receive necessary services more quickly during emergencies.
• Emergency information will be made available through the department’s dispatch system which firefighters/paramedics will have access to in the vehicle while responding to the call.


• The Home Box must be used on a home with a Hillside address.
• Must be a resident with an existing medical or physical condition in which they are unable to or it is difficult for them to open a locked door in an emergency.


Home Box Brochure

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