Large Branch Pickup Ends in October

Published on September 21, 2018

Village of Hillside branch removal will occur the week of October 8th through October 12th (Last Removal).  Make sure branches are on the parkway by Sunday, October 7th and left until they are removed. We will not return once a street has been completed. Only a reasonable amount of branches will be removed on pickup day (no more than 5’ high x 5’ wide x 8’ long).

Branches after the last Village of Hillside pick-up in October will need to go into the green yard waste cart that is picked up on your garbage day (small branches only), or bundled branches, not to exceed 2’x 2’ x 2, secured with twine. Waste Management will remove your branches on your scheduled garbage pick-up day until yard waste collection ends on your regularly scheduled service day the week of December 10th – 14th.

Reminder: Branch pick-up is a service we provide to allow residents to dispose of tree branches that fall throughout the year and as a result of minor trimming of your trees. If you remove a tree on your property, you must make arrangements for a private service to remove tree waste.

NOTE: Small branches or twigs can be cut up at anytime and placed into your green yard waste cart for Waste Management to pick-up on your garbage day.

Public sidewalk obstructions can be a nuisance when going for a walk. Please trim bushes so they do not extend into the sidewalk area. Also, trees with low-lying branches should be trimmed to raise the canopy of the tree.

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