Hillside Paramedic Program One Of The Best

Published on July 2, 2018

In March 2000, residents of Hillside voted to upgrade their fire department to include Advanced Life Support (ALS), commonly known as paramedics. Currently, Hillside has 20 paramedics and 5 EMT’s.

Hillside’s 2 ALS ambulances are supervised by the Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Loyola University Medical Center. Hillside is fortunate to be located between Loyola and Elmhurst Memorial Hospitals, which ensures short travel times; rapid return to service for emergency crew; and more importantly, state-of-the-art emergency care.

Every member of the department is required to participate in 30 hours of continuing education provided by Loyola Hospital. In addition, all members also receive an additional 30 hours training that is generated in-house.

In 2017 the Hillside Fire Department responded to 2,228 calls, approximately 70 percent for emergency medical service, these calls run the gambit from medical emergencies to vehicular accidents, to patient assists.

Our ambulances feature the latest in equipment, including power cots to assist firefighters with loading and unloading patients. Daily scheduling for the department is structured so there is always a paramedic responding on any Hillside unit dispatched for a medical incident. No other town in our division can provide this level of ALS service.

You are encouraged to come by the fire station for a tour, to ask questions, or to inquire how you might learn CPR.

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