Fill Out Your Census Form Today

Published on September 2, 2020

70% of Hillside Residents Have Filed Their Census Form…With Most Filing It Online

A Few Good Reasons Why It Is Important to Fill Out the Census Form

  • The federal, state and local governments use census numbers to allocate hundreds of billions in federal and state funds annually for community programs and services, such as education programs, housing and community development, health care services for the elderly, job training, new school construction, libraries, highway safety and public transportation systems, new roads and bridges, location of police and fire departments and many other projects.
  • Businesses use the numbers to decide where to locate factories, shopping centers, movie theaters, banks and offices — activities that often lead to new jobs.
  • The U.S. Congress uses the census totals to determine how many seats a state will have in the U.S. House of Representatives; states use the numbers to allocate seats in their law-making bodies.
  • Many 911 emergency systems are based on maps developed for the last census. Census information helps health providers predict the spread of diseases through communities with children or elderly people.
  • It is estimated that Hillside will lose approximately $1,500 annually in government funding for every resident not counted.  Thus, 100 non-responding Hillside residents will result in a loss of $150,000 per year and $1.5 million over the next 10 years.

Option 1: Filling out the Census Form Online Is Simple and Fast

Step 1 – Visit:
Step 2 – Select your language at the top right and then tap on the Respond Button.
Step 3 – On the page that now appears click on Start Questionnaire.
Step 4 – You will next see a screen like the one above.
Step 5 – Fill in the box we highlighted in yellow with the unique 12-digit census code you were mailed. You can then proceed filling out the census form.
Step 6 – If you lost or never received a code; then click on the line we have circled in red. You will then be asked to supply the address for which you are filling out the census form. You can then begin to fill out the census form.

Option 2: Filling out the Census By Phone

844-330-2020 to fill out form in English
844-468-2020 to fill out form in Spanish
844-467-2020 TDD line for those with hearing difficulties

Important Points to Know

  • This process takes 10 minutes or less.
  • Do not hit back key or you will have to start the process over.
  • Most important, you have fulfilled your duty and NO Census Taker will be knocking on your door.
  • If you have any questions concerning the Census, please do not hesitate to call Noreen Thermos at the Hillside. Village Hall at 708-202-4390 or for questions in Spanish call Maricela Pina at 708-449-6450.

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