Distracted Driving Awareness Week in Hillside

Published on April 18, 2017

April 24th – April 28th

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and the Village of Hillside will focus the bulk of our campaign to end distracted driving from April 24th to 28th. Everyone needs to be aware of distracted driving, its dangers, and its consequences.

“If you’re texting, you’re not driving.” The Department of Transportation calls distracted driving “any activity that could divert a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving.” This includes not only texting but other activities like eating and putting on makeup. The 3 main types of distractions are visual, manual, and cognitive, and texting is particularly dangerous behind the wheel because it requires visual, manual, and cognitive attention from the driver.

Distracted driving puts everyone in danger, take the safety of our community into your own hands. Pledge to drive phone-free and help end distracted driving.  Educate others about the dangers and consequences of driving while distracted.

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