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Illinois Prairie Path


Illinois Prairie Path


"The entire length if all the sections are added up is currently about 61 miles."


The Illinois Prairie Path is a multi-use nature trail for non-motorized public use. It spans approximately 61 miles in Cook, DuPage and Kane Counties in northeasten Illinois. A former right-of-way for the old Chicago Aurora & Elgin electric railroad, it was the first U.S. rail-to-trail conversion in the nation in the 1960's.

The Path is surfaced primarily with a crushed limestone surface, which is easy on feet and bike tires alike, and sheds water quickly following rainfall.

The rough trail of the Path route is as follows: from First Avenue, Maywood, to Wheaton; then branching to Elgin and Aurora (with additional spurs to Geneva and Batavia).

Website: www.ipp.org

For more information about the Great Western Trails visit their website: www.friendsofthegreatwesterntrails.com

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