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Village Administration



Joseph T. Tamburino

Village Clerk


Linda L. Gould

Village Administrator/Zoning Administrator


Russell F. Wajda

Asst. Village Administrator / Treasurer / Economic Development Director


John T. Flood, Jr.

Police Chief


Joseph Lukaszek

Fire Chief / Fire Inspector


Jeffrey A. Pilz

Public Works Director


Joseph Pisano

Administrative Assistance to the Mayor/ Special Events Coordinator


Evelyn Belmonte

Village Attorney


Patrick E. Deady

Village Prosecutor


John Dvorak



Hansen Professional Services

E.S.D.A. Coordinator/Director


Anthony Faragia

Code Enforcement Officer


Len Belmonte

Plumbing Inspector


John Caruso, Jr.

Building Inspector


Arthur Rubel

Health Inspecting


Cook County Health Department

Elevator Inspector


Thompson Elevator

Electrical Inspector


Willie Carter

Information Technology


William Heldt

Police Social Worker


Julia Nichols

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