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From the Desk of the Police Chief


Bicycles are fun but they are not toys. They are vehicles just like cars and trucks and buses. Following bicycle safety rules will keep you and others safe.

Learn the parts of your bike and make sure they are in good condition before riding.

    -Accidents can happen when a part of your bike is not working properly.

Always do a safety check before you ride your bike

    -Inspect your bike and make needed repairs before riding.

Be sure your bike is the correct size

    -You should be able to place the balls of your feet on the ground while seated. If your bike has a crossbar, you should be able to straddle it with both feet flat on the ground and still have two finger widths of clearance.

Concentrate - Stay In Control

    -Turning at high speeds is difficult
    -Always brake before turning
    -Ride slowly through gravel and sand

Be aware of traffic

    -Stop, look left, right and left again for traffic before leaving a sidewalk, driveway, or alley.
    -Enter traffic only when the road is clear

Obey traffic signals

    -Learn traffic signs and signals and obey them.

Always wear a helmet.

    -Be sure the helmet fits properly

Prevent bicycle theft

    -Carry a lock and use it.
    -Register your bike.

Call 708-449-8851 to make arrangements to register your bike with the Police Department.

As the weather gets warmer, watch for our bike patrol officers who will be in the area to assist you and answer any questions.

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From the Desk of the Police Chief...

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