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The Hillside Police Department's Community Policing/Bike Patrol Team is comprised of full-time police officers and gives the public benefits in the way of community-oriented policing, efficiency, economy and effectiveness.  The team serves the public in several ways.

Bike officers are highly effective at targeting specific crime problems by allowing the officers to be less easily heard or seen when patrolling, allowing them to catch criminals in the act.  The mobility of the bicycle also allows officers to patrol apartment complexes, parks and the prairie path when other forms of patrol cannot.

The Community Policing Team members are not only valuable as crime-fighters, but also have repeatedly demonstrated their value as a resource at special events such as Proviso West events, concerts, block parties, and Kids Spot day camp.  The Community Policing Team is available for special event visits and talks by contacting Lieutenant Mark Kosevich at (708) 202-4332.

More Information

Police Chief: Joseph M. Lukaszek
425 Hillside Avenue
Police (708) 449-6133