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Hillside's monthly newsletter "Hillside Happenings" is available to download in Adobe PDF format.

April 2015
- New Fire Chief, Youth Athletic Parade, Public Works Info, Calendar

March 2015
- Fire Chief retiring, Spring Clean-up News, Voting Information, Calendar

February 2015
- Smart 911, Family Fun Bowling, Hillside Baseball, Calendar

January 2015
- MLK Breakfast, Hillside Baseball, Building Services, Calendar

December 2014
- MLK Breakfast, Smart 911, Citizens Police Academy, Public Works Update

November 2014
- Honoring our Veterans, Police/Fire 5k Run, Public Works Update

October 2014
- Halloween, Veterans Day Events, Fire Department Activities, Calendar

September 2014
- Cemetery Tour, Solicitation Options, Calendar

August 2014
- Concerts Under the Stars, Public Works Update, Calendar

July 2014
- Concerts Under the Stars, Free Movies in the Park, Public Works Update, Calendar

June 2014
- 2014 Water Quality Report

May 2014
- Clean Up Week, Memorial Day Observance, Calendar

April 2014
- Egg Hunt, Youth Athletic Parade, Public Works Update, Calendar

March 2014
- Blackboard Connect, Drop it and Drive, Primary Election Info, Family Bowling

February 2014
- Water Rate Information, Family Bowling, Calendar

January 2014
- MLK Jr. Breakfast, Public Works Update, Calendar

December 2013
- Holiday Events, MLK Jr. Breakfast, Fire Dept tips, Calendar

November 2013
- Honoring our Veterans, Firefighters Food Drive, Public Works Update

October 2013
- New Trustee, Honoring our Veterans, Halloween in Hillside

September 2013
- Solicitation Ordinance, Cemetery Tour, Public Works Update, Calendar

August 2013
- August Concert Series, Trustee Bibly, Public Works Update, Calendar

July 2013
- Town Center Update, August Concert Series, Calendar

June 2013
- 2013 Water Quality Report

May 2013
- Spring Clean Up, Memorial Day Service, Police Update

April 2013
- Hillside Baseball/Softball, Project UFO, Public Works Update, Calendar

March 2013
- Blackboard Connect, Spring Events, Public Works Spring News, Calendar

February 2013
- Towncenter Update, Water Rate Information, Hillside Baseball, Calendar

January 2013
- MLK Breakfast, Towncenter Update, Hillside Baseball, Public Works Update

December 2012
- Holiday Events, Citizen's Police Academy, Water Rate Information

November 2012
- Voting Information, Veterans Day, Public Works Update

October 2012
- Veterans Day Parade, Halloween, Voting Information, Fire Prevention Week

September 2012
- Cemetery Tour, Public Work's Update, Mobile Drivers Services Facility, Calendar

August 2012
- Concert's Under The Stars, Mobile Driver Services Facility, Celebrating our Community, Calendar

July 2012
- Community Activities, Public Works Update, Calendar

June 2012
- 2012 Water Quality Report

May 2012
- Clean Up Week, Memorial Day, Public Works Update, Calendar

April 2012
- Egg Hunt, Youth Athletic Parade, Water Bill Info, Employment Opportunities

March 2012
- New Village Clerk, March Polling Info, Public Works Update

February 2012
- Hillside Town Center Addition, Police News, Calendar

January 2012
- Public Works Update, Water Bill Information, Hillside Baseball Signup

December 2011
- MLK Breakfast, Victorian Christmas Market, Calendar

November 2011
- Veterans Day Parade, Victorian Christmas Market, EMA 2011 Fundraiser

October 2011
- Trustee changes, Halloween in Hillside, Public Works update, Calendar

September 2011
- Cemetery Tour, F.O.P. 5K Run/Walk, Police Officer Testing, Chamber of Commerce Garage Sale

August 2011
- Police Officer Testing, Mobile Driver Services Facility, Disabled Veterans Home Project Contributors

July 2011
- Mobile Driver Services Facility, 5K Run/Walk, Disabled Veterans Home Project, New Fire Truck

June 2011
- 2011 Water Quality Report, Mobile Driver Services Facility

May 2011
- Clean Up Week, Disabled Veterans Home Project, Public Works Update

April 2011
- Egg Hunt, Youth Athletic Parade, Public Works Update, Calendar

March 2011
- Blackboard Connect, Egg Hunt, Branch Pickup, Calendar

February 2010
- Hillside Disabled Veterans Home Project, Public Works Information, Calendar

February 2011
- Hillside Town Center Update, Hillside Disabled Veterans Home Project, Police Department Update, Calendar

January 2011
- MLK Breakfast, Public Works Update, Hillside Disabled Veterans Home Project

December 2010
- Tree Lighting, Holiday Safety Tips, Victorian Christmas Market

November 2010
- Support our Soldier, Citizens Police Academy, Veterans Day Parade

October 2010
- Halloween Event, Fire Prevention Week, Voting Information

September 2010
- Flooding Update, Cemetery Tour, Calendar

August 2010
- Red Light Cameras, Town Hall Meeting, Public Work's Update

July 2010
- Hillside Disabled Veterans Home Project, Town Center Update, Farmer's Market

June 2010
- 2010 Water Quality Report, Ice Cream Social, Mobile Driver Services Facility

May 2010
- Spring Clean Up, Memorial Day Ceremony, Hillside Disabled Veterans Home Project Fundraiser

April 2010
- Youth Athletic Parade, Kids Spot Info, Public Awareness Campaign, Public Works Update

March 2010
- Blackboard Connect, Egg Hunt, Branch Pickup, Calendar

February 2010
- Hillside Disabled Veterans Home Project, Public Works Information, Calendar

January 2010
- MLK Breakfast, Citizen's Police Academy, Calendar

December 2009
- Tree Lighting, MLK Breakfast, Disabled Veteran Project

November 2009
- Veterans Day Parade, Hillside Disabled Veterans Home Project, Public Works Update

October 2009
- Halloween Info/Fire Prevention Week/Drug Awareness Month

September 2009
- Cemetery Tour/Police Officer Testing/Fire Prevention

August 2009
- Summer Activities/Police Officer Testing/Calendar

July 2009
- Blackboard Connect/Citizen Police Academy/Pulic Works Update

June 2009
- 2009 Water Quality Report

May 2009
- Clean Up Week/Memorial Day/Calendar

April 2009
- Blackboard Connect/Youth Athletic Parade/Town Center Update

March 2009
- Hillside Town Center/Daffodil Days/Public Works Update

February 2009
- Landfill Reimbursement Update/Blackboard Connect/Calendar

January 2009
- MLK Breakfast/Hillside Town Center/Calendar

December 2008
- Tree Lighting/MLK Breakfast/Public Works Update/Calendar

November 2008
- Honoring our Veterans/Property Assessment Workshop/Public Works Info

October 2008
- Halloween in Hillside/Veterans Day/Calendar

September 2008
- Resident Guide/ Town Center Update/Calendar

August 2008
- Taste of Hillside/Tornado Sirens/Calendar

July 2008
- Movies in the Park/Taste of Hillside/Calendar

June 2008
- Water Quality Report

May 2008
- Clean Up Day/Memorial Day/Calendar

April 2008
- Athletic Parade/Project UFO/Branch Removal

March 2008
- Daffodil Days/Egg Hunt/Calendar

February 2008
- Landfill Update/Family Bowling/Snow Removal

January 2008
- MLK Jr Breakfast/Scott's Law/Calendar

December 2007
- Happy Holidays/MLK Jr Breakfast/50-50 Cab Program

November 2007
- Landfill Update/Christmas Walk/Leaf Removal

October 2007
- Leaf Removal Details/Halloween & Christmas Etents

September 2007
- Cemetery Tour/Back to School

August 2007
- Taste of Hillside/Summer Schedule/Village Events

July 2007
- Landfill Update/Summer Schedule/General Information

June 2007
- Water Quality Report

May 2007
- Landfill Closing/Spring Clean Up/Calendar

April 2007
- Calendar/Spring Events/Public Works Update

March 2007
- Calendar/Spring Update/General Information

February 2007
- Landfill Update/New Street Signs/New Police Officers/New Ambulance/General Information

January 2007
- MLK Breakfast/Police Department Update/General Information

December 2006
- Christmas Walk/MLK Breakfast/Public Works Update

November 2006
- Veterans Day Parade/General Information/Public Works Update

October 2006
- Drug Awareness Month/Voting Information/Halloween/Leaf Removal

Upcoming Events


Board-of-a-Whole Meeting
7:30pm - Courtroom


Youth Athletic Parade


Regular Board Meeting
7:30pm - Courtroom

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